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Wheel Alignment
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Did you know that we offer one of the most advanced Wheel Alignment Services in town?

Not all Wheel Alignment is the same.

Most fast fit centres only offer a very basic check or adjustment.

After many years gaining experience in 4 Wheel Alignment we recently have invested heavily in one of the most advanced systems on the market.

The Hunter Hawkeye Computer System offers a fast effective but more importantly highly accurate way of putting your car by to factory specification.

It uses powerful cameras to individually adjust each wheel.

Linked to a huge database, it has the ability to adjust your car to manufacture settings.

BUT why or when do I need Alignment done?

Over a period of time either through general wear and tear or damage caused by kerbing, speed bumps or potholes can knock the Alignment off.

This can result in poor handling or expensive tyre wear.

Ask us today to check your car.

We will provide you a detailed print out of your car and advise how it can be repaired.

Finished jobs will be provided with a 'before' and 'after' results.

Transform your car today, don't take second best, ask for a Hunter Alignment.

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